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Our mission:

Healthy gut, healthy scalp, happy hair.


We are not your average salon. At Bombschell, our goal is for you to understand the connection between what goes into the gut, affects what comes out through the scalp.

When you were experiencing dry scalp, itchy ness, hair loss, balding, redness, unexplained changes to the hair or scalp, we’re here to help!


Our Dino-scalp scope can magnify your scalp 300x’s, to show us what’s happening beyond the surface.  We can usually diagnose what’s going on and prescribe the action needed to get your scalp back to healthy. 

We are trained by the leading Tricologists in Canada, so this experience goes beyond any regular hair appointment you’ve ever had.

Our Bombschell staff has taken extensive training and we are passionate about taking care of you inside and out!


When booking an appointment, be sure to add on a scalp scope treatment. Free with any hair service. 

Scalp scope
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